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Thank you for visiting! I am a Portland, Oregon freelance writer who provides high-quality medical writing, legal copy and business content for professionals worldwide.

After receiving my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, my focus involved writing grant proposals for the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and articles for publication in journals like Nature Medicine and Cancer Research.

Five years later, I began working full-time as a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon. After publishing several middle-grade fiction books, I expanded my passion for writing by providing advertising copy and blog content for such successful companies as Balducci’s, True Value, Amazon, Staples, Moravia, Vetary, DocCare Online, Landmark Benefits, Best5Supplements, Whistleblower News Review, Parenting and Touchstone Essentials.

Throughout my writing career, I’ve had the pleasure of helping many medical and legal professionals expand their client base with website copy, blog content and ebooks. I have ghostwritten 12 non-fiction books, 3 fiction novels, over 1,200 blog posts and over 120 webpages for more than 25 businesses. My blog content and website copy are search engine optimized and land among the top pages of Google searches, generating traffic years after they are posted.

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Are you looking for a writer to create high-quality blog posts, website content, advertising copy or ebooks? Contact me via email at rylann@rylannwatts.com or fill in the online form below for more information on my services.

Portland oregon freelance writer medical legal business content website blog posts ebooks ghostwriting